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Do you know how Mother’s Day started?

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Today is the day we honor our mother and the mothers in our lives. We thought it might be interesting to do some research as to how the Mother’s Day holiday started and what it has evolved into. Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother Anna […]

Are you looking for something different for your wedding?

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There is no question that people are always looking for something new for their wedding. At the same time they are also looking for something that appeals to everyone’s sense of fun. In the past we have seen chocolate fountains because everyone loves chocolate. We have seen photo booths because everyone at some time in […]

How to put a boutonniere on properly.

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It’s your wedding day and the floral delivery has arrived with the boutonnieres for your wedding day and some of the men in your wedding party are scratching their heads wondering how they are supposed to be attached to their suit or tuxedo lapel. Since most people only wear a boutonniere a handful of times […]

Your Wedding Hashtag

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Every wedding couple wants their wedding day to be extra special and one way to guarantee that it stands out is by giving it, its own hashtag. They say that the average smart phone user reaches for their phone every 6 minutes so there is no question that your guests will have their phones in […]

Share this with anyone giving a toast at your wedding or at any wedding.

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Photo courtesy of Fred Fox Studios If you are reading this, you are obviously involved in a wedding either as the wedding couple or this has been shared with you by someone who wants you to be awesome when you give your toast at a loved one’s wedding. So your role in the wedding couple’s […]

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