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Chicago Sun Times Recognizes Keith Christopher Entertainment Group

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On Sunday June 30, 2013 The Keith Christopher Entertainment Group was selected as a member of the “It List” in the Slash Section of The Chicago Sun Times newspapers as an entertainment company that Chicagoans should know about for their upcoming wedding day. With over 6,000 independent djs, dj companies, bands, orchestras, and entertainment companies […]

Is customer service dead in this country?

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If you have been following my blog you know that I am outspoken about things I believe in. One of which is customer service. I am a simple man. I love a great hamburger with fresh cut fries and an ice cold beer.  Treat people with respect and courtesy and provide them with a great […]

Why I support the American Disc Jockey Association and you should too

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Yesterday the president was inaugurated. While he isn’t the man that I voted for, I recognize that he is the leader and the face of this country. I find myself having very different beliefs then he and the Democratic party do, but I am still grateful that I live in a country that I can […]

20/20 Wedding Confidential

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Last night 20/20 did an expose on the various things that go into a wedding.  One of the things that were touched upon was wedding vendors charging more for a wedding than they do for a party.  They alluded to fact that some vendors charge more for a wedding simply because it is a wedding.  […]

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