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Hiring a friend could ruin your wedding day and your friendship.

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One of the best ways to ruin your wedding and a friendship is to hire a friend as a part of your wedding day. The exception to this rule is unless they are a full time wedding professional. I have been a full time dj since 1990. During this time span I have worked for […]

We are headed to the Dj Times Dj Expo again.

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Members of The Keith Christopher Entertainment Group will be heading out to Atlantic City New Jersey today for the annual DJ Times The DJ Expo. We have been attending this show as well as others across the country since 1989 in an effort to improve our business for our clients so that we can offer […]

How to identify actual wedding professionals for your wedding day.

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As a kid my parents taught me to both look at the stop light and to also check for traffic before crossing the street. This advice is as true today as it was when I was growing up. In the wedding business however too many couples don’t take this advice. They go running out into […]

Be good to your dj.

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After almost 30 years of being a professional disc jockey, I have a few simple tips for guests regarding the dj at the next event you go to. 1. Please understand we want to make you happy. Just like anything in life there are good djs and there are bad djs. There are nice djs […]

How to be a good wedding guest

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It sounds simple enough, however speaking as someone who has both gone through the planning process as well has witnessed the process as a wedding professional for over 25 years, here is my advice.   1. Read and send back your RSVP card. This is perhaps the single most annoying thing that guests don’t do. […]

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