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Your Wedding Hashtag

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Every wedding couple wants their wedding day to be extra special and one way to guarantee that it stands out is by giving it, its own hashtag. They say that the average smart phone user reaches for their phone every 6 minutes so there is no question that your guests will have their phones in their hands.

Wedding researchers have found that more than half of weddings held are now identifying themselves with more than a pound sign but it’s what follows that gets your wedding trending. Consider these tips to design a hashtag that is sure to be successful on your wedding day.

Keep it clear and simple

No one wants to think as a guest at a wedding. They want to have fun. Basic is best in the case of wedding hashtags. Start by using first, last and nicknames. Consider the cute and cheesy couple name that your friends gave you when you first started dating. This could be the perfect time to hashtag it and make it work for you. This is a name that most guests can easily remember and are more likely to tweet or Instagram it per your request.

Simple is taken now what

Common names are a common thing these days and if your name seems too simple to create a unique hashtag, try incorporating numbers via your wedding date to add to the hashtag. There are probably quite a few #KurtandLisa hashtags but you could easily be the only #KurtandLisaApril152018! Go ahead, choose the numbers that work best for you.

Get Creative

This is where the creativity begins for the couple. Consider word play for your wedding hashtag creations. Make it clever and see how far the memories travel. Many guests will love to hashtag your pics on their social pages and if they’re clever, many of their friends or followers will join in the hashtag party too.



Check your tag’s spelling for ease

Although there may be more than one way to spell “I Do”, make sure to proof the hashtag choice for various ways it could be misspelled. Keep it simple to avoid spelling errors that could land your photos on another hashtag search. Pay close attention to words where two letters aren’t separated for different spellings. A simple fix is often an option such as, turning #TanyaandMike into #MikeandTanya instead. Have more than one pair of eyes to review your hashtag choice. Many times, someone else will think of something that could cause error in tagging that completely slipped your mind.

Capitalize the Leading Letter Of Each Word

Making the first letter of each word capital can make it much easier for guests to understand the wedding hashtag. It also makes it easier for guests to understand the creativity of the quote you’re intending. Use your better judgement with the letter usage because sometimes capital letters aren’t necessary to relay the message and sometimes they work best.

Research Your Hashtag

Everybody is hash-tagging these days and it’s important that you research your hashtag creation prior to printing it on any wedding stationery. Check to see if the hashtag you’ve chosen already exists and also, how many photos are associated with that particular hashtag. In cases where there may be only 5 or 6 photos that aren’t wedding related, you should go ahead with your hashtag idea, but if there is indeed another wedding with the same one, go back to the drawing board. Add a number or numbers if necessary to the original idea and see what’s out there but choosing a hashtag that has already landed in the digital wedding album of someone else is a definite no-no.

Get the Word Out

Once you’ve decided which hashtag to use, it’s time to spread the word. Begin as soon as possible by letting your bridal party know which hashtag will be trending on your big day. Put it on save-the-date stationery and any other announcements associated with the wedding. Place cute reminders throughout the wedding ceremony and reception venues and remember to include it on the menus or on a board at the buffet. Cute little chalk boards can be placed at the entrance and the bar, guests can hashtag while their drinks are being prepared.