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We know this is true of all industries however it has never been truer than it is today in the wedding DJ industry. That being said, we have written this blog in an effort to give you some things to think about as you plan your wedding and choose the DJ that you feel will do the best job for you and your family.

Full Time verses Part Time

The majority of DJs in this country are part time. There are a lot of very good part time DJs in this country. There are however even more less than average part time DJs in this country. This is how we have arrived at this statement. Our company as well as a lot of other full time DJ companies choose to commit our lives to our clients and our craft as our sole source of income. This means that we know we have to offer a higher level of service than that of the part time DJ community. It is this commitment that forces us to deliver a better service to our clients.

As a client you know that if you call our office or email us during regular business hours you will get your question or concern answered immediately or as close to that as possible. A part time DJ is at their “real job” and may or may not be able to take your call or answer your email while on someone else’s time. This is an issue for a lot of clients as you get close to your actual event date and the small simple questions that you want need to have answered go hours or days sometimes unreturned. This causes a lot of unneeded stress and anxiety.

It has also been our experience that full time DJs will invest in themselves and travel to conferences, conventions, think tanks, etc. They will join local and national professional trade associations such as the American Disc Jockey Association to continue educating themselves in an effort to provide a better service to their clients. Part time DJs won’t make do these things and as such their service may not be on  the same level. No bride has ever thought to herself “I would like my wedding to be as average as possible.”


Insurance is a MUST HAVE. In the rare event that something happened at your wedding and you or one of your guests were somehow injured on the dance floor, or perhaps tripped on DJ’s tripod, speaker, one of their cords, etc. you are liable as the host. You could also be liable if your DJ caused damage to the event venue on their way in or out of the venue. Generally everyone involved will be named in the lawsuit. You need to make sure that your DJ carries at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance. More and more event venues are requiring insurance from all of your wedding vendors before they are even allowed on the property. Once again, this is generally an operational standard for full time DJ companies however part time DJs generally don’t have any insurance.

Business License

If you are planning on trusting someone with your wedding, they should be committed enough to their own business and to their customers to be a registered business with their local city and with the state. The cost of a business license isn’t cost prohibitive to a part time company yet most part time DJs never apply for a business license and very rarely will even create a formal business entity. If they won’t commit themselves to these business basics, can you really trust that they will commit themselves to your wedding. Our office gets at least one phone call or email per week from panicked clients who hired a friend of friend who sounded like a great dj and they have since disappeared.