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20/20 Wedding Confidential

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Last night 20/20 did an expose on the various things that go into a wedding.  One of the things that were touched upon was wedding vendors charging more for a wedding than they do for a party.  They alluded to fact that some vendors charge more for a wedding simply because it is a wedding.  […]

Keith Christopher Entertainment Wins Best of the Knot for 2013

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This is the second consecutive year that Keith Christopher has won the Best of The Knot. We are once again grateful to all of the brides that reviewed our services online which allowed us to win this award again. We look forward to once again exceeding client expectations on 2013.

How will your wedding vendors dress on your wedding day?

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Let me start this blog by saying that as I type this at my desk, I am in my old softball team t-shirt, a pair of Reebok warm up pants, and a pair of gym shoes. Comfort is key today. I also have no appointments coming into the office, and I don’t have to perform […]