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wedding-lightingAllow us to help you with decorative lighting to enhance the beauty of your venue. The room will come alive with vibrant colors from our LED lights. We begin with your favorite color, and gradually change the ambience of the room. During dancing, these lights can change colors with the music, creating an energetic and festive environment.

Imagine a moment at your wedding such as your first dance. Now imagine adding a gentle color to your dance floor. Then add a beautiful low cloud cover and as you dance in the clouds. Your first dance becomes more than a moment it becomes a memorable experience!

Picture your name or custom monogram projected on a wall or the dance floor can be the finishing touch to all the beautiful decorations in the room. The understated elegance of a monogram will enhance the classy feel of your wedding.

The correct lighting, unique effects and decor can enhance or transform an ordinary reception into an extraordinary event. Our lighting experts will help you select the lighting, unique effects, and drapery that is right for your wedding.